Named Among Websites Representing 25% of World Internet Traffic

HTTPS Protocol

Popular software and app discovery destination among top websites running HTTPS by default

​, the world’s largest software and app discovery destination, today announced that it is listed in Google’s 2017 Transparency Report, which tracks top sites running modern HTTPS security protocols by default.

HTTPS is a mechanism that allows your browser to securely connect with a website. It is one of many measures that help users keep their browsing safe and secure, and also makes it harder for ISPs, governments and others to monitor online activity.

According to Google, the Internet giant is “in a position to provide data on website popularity around the world” and “have used a mix of both public and private data sources to track the HTTPS state of the Top 100 non-Google sites on the Internet.”

“With more than 100 million unique monthly users who generate more than 4 million daily downloads on, it is our responsibility to make sure our site is clean, safe and also encrypted,” said Scott Arpajian, CEO of Softonic. “We take our users’ safety very seriously and are proud to included on this list.”

​Softonic actively pursues the security of its users, and launched its Clean and Safe initiative in 2015 to guarantee a safe and clean browsing and downloading experience across all its sites.

In addition, Softonic’s place on the list cements its position as one of the most visited websites on the Internet: Google estimates that the list of sites "accounts for approximately 25% of all website traffic worldwide."

Source: Google 2017 Transparency Report 

About Softonic

Softonic publishes, the leading global software and app discovery destination, offering the most-complete selection of software and apps across hundreds of categories.

Softonic is the European company with one of the largest online audiences, and currently holds 40th position worldwide with more than 100 million unique monthly users who generate more than 4 million daily downloads on


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